La Cruz de Benidorm

The Cross of Benidorm. A beautiful lookout point

Benidorm is a well known city for its tourist activity, thanks to its great beaches and nightlife, but to move away from the average post about this region we will present a spot we think is a must-visit. Situated 217 high we find the Mirador de la Cruz. Uphill in the Natural Park of Serra Gelada we can find the Cross of Benidorm, with impressive panoramic sights to the city, ...

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Hablemos del mojo

About mojo we talk

Sadly, this is not a post about Austin Powers. Although the topic we are covering is also very colorful, and interesting. If you have already been to Canary Islands, you have probably heard about Papas arrugás con mojo, or just about de mojo itself (If you didn’t, you really weren’t in the islands, sorry). This is a sauce served with many different kinds of food such as grilled meats, fish, potatoes, ...

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Misses Festival in Agadir, Morocco

Looking forward to 15th October! Attention fashion fans! We are very happy to announce that the Misses Festival in Morocco will be in our hotel Le Tivoli in Agadir from 2pm and we hope you can join us on this special appointment. The festival will be filled with fashion professionals and photographers. Definitely this can be for all the candidates the beginning of a beautiful stage that can lead to great success. Some of the ...

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Güímar en Tenerife

The mystery of the Güímar Pyramids in Tenerife

Up to date no one knows who built the Güímar Pyramids not even when. The mystery continues in Tenerife island, but let’s start from the beginning. Güímar The town that gives a name to the pyramids is situated at the south of the island. Güímar is well known because of its nature and vast gastronomic and cultural offer. Is an idyllic place to practice sports such as hiking or biking, and it also has ...

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Un día en Palma de Mallorca

Palma in one day. An easy guide to visit the city

It is often said that Mallorca is only sun and beach, but we want to show you the island does, in fact, much more to offer as we already tried in the Frédéric Chopin. Cold winter in Valldemossa. In this post we are going to focus in Palma, the capital of Mallorca. The city of Palma possesses an intense past and a great history. Its foundation took place the 123 b.C ...

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Sabores de Málaga

Tastes of Malaga. Traditional cooking

In the south of the Iberian Peninsula we find the coastal city of Malaga, where a soft climate prevails for the whole year. The Andalusian city owns an important natural heritage with a big environmental value on its beaches, mountains and rivers, and a prestigious cultural heritage which you can get to know visiting the museums, art centers, ancient architecture and castles. Malaga is well-known because of its exquisite and varied ...

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Gozo y Comino

Gozo and Comino. Malta’s little sisters.

Today we bring light to the two satellites of the Island of Malta, Gozo and Comino. We will start with Gozo, the bigger of the two complementary islands. This island offers 67 sqkm of calm. If you are looking for peace and charging batteries, don’t hesitate to visit this place which turned its back to the modern world, keeping the agriculture and fishing as their main activities. What to do in Gozo? No ...

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Mausoleo de Halikarnassos

Halikarnassos Mausoleum. An Antique world’s Wonder

Today we talk about history, real history, as we are talking about one of the 7 wonders of the antique world built in the 350 b.C: Halikarnassos Mausoleum. Also known as the Tomb of Halicarnassos, it was built in the antique city which had the same name, currently Bodrum, in Turkey, as a tomb for Mausolus, a governor (satrap) of the Persian Empire. The monument was about 45m high, and had ornaments ...

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How authentic is your paella?

Throw your tastebuds the idea of authentic Spanish cuisine and there’s one dish that will always spring to mind. With its zingy orange rice, tender meat and aromatic spices, plus a base of rich tomato and fresh beans, there really is no mistaking a steaming hot pan of paella. Place this hearty dish at the centre of a bustling family gathering, accompanied by a jug of fruity sangria or deep ...

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Madrid. 11 places you must visit

If you are looking for a city with charm, an admirable beauty which also supplies an important range of leisure and culture… Madrid is the place for you. The capital of Spain is a modern city with many important museums, and an extended and interesting history. Also, one can easily walk through it as the main attractions are fairly near one from each other. Discover them in this list we’ve ...

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Cascadas Düden

Düden Waterfalls. Natural paradise

The beautiful town of Antalya is located between the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the impressive Taurus mountains on the other, making of this city a privileged place which offers an extended diversity of activities and entertainment. The wonderful white-sand beaches with transparent water and cultural visits full of history will let you make an amazing trip. One of the main touristic attractions that Antalya owns and you must visit ...

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Jemaa El Fna

One day in Jemaa El Fna

The Jemaa El Fna square is the symbol of Marrakech since it was founded in the 11th century and it is a nerve center with more life than any other place. It has an immense multicultural space showing to the world the Moroccan culture and tradition. The popular traditions are exposed through the music and different artistic expressions there. In fact, it counts on official protection since 1922 and it ...

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Lanzarote. A different island

Lanzarote is a volcanic island of the Canary Archipelago located on the Atlantic Ocean whose capital city is Arrecife. It has a population of 143.000 people being the third most populated island, and it was declared Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993 in order to keep the conservation and sustainable development because of its awesome nature and the beauty of the landscapes. The island has natural sceneries for the practice of ...

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Frédéric Chopin

Frédéric Chopin. Cold winter in Valldemossa

Frédéric Chopin is a well known Polish composer and pianist who flied to Majorca in November 1838 with his partner and author George Sand (Aurore Dupin), and her two children. They met in 1836 in the city where both were living, Paris. At that time, the musician’s health situation was bad and one son of Sand was suffering from rheumatism, therefore on the arrival of the winter they decided to change ...

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Carnaval de Tenerife

Carnival of Tenerife. Live the magic of the party

The Carnival of Tenerife is one of the most popular in the world. The island gets full of colors, happiness and music that fill streets day and night for two weeks. Towns and cities join to the celebration, although the main shows are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz. The festival starts with the Queen Carnival election on a 1200 meter stage. The protagonists wear dreamy and heavy ...

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Organiza tu viaje en sencillos pasos

Simple steps to organize your trip

Time for resting is coming. You need to stay away from the routine, job, let your mind fly and relax.  You don’t consider the option to stay at home and your head starts to think about the idea of knowing new places. First step is to find the perfect companion for your trip. Family?  Friends?  Partner?  You are going to spend 24 hours per day together, therefore try not to join ...

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Torremolinos. Travelling with kids.

Are you thinking of traveling with the whole family? Don’t you know where to take your kids yet? Planning a trip with kids sometimes it isn’t an easy thing to do, because you have to find as much entertainment as possible. If you don’t know the different choices you have in Torremolinos, here we show you some of them: Tivoli World More than forty amusement rides are in Tivoli World. You have ...

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Caravaggio. A fugitive in Malta

If your next destination is Malta, you should know that 400 years ago the great Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was living in the island. We are talking about an artist who belongs to the Italian Baroque period whose busy life was full of polemics. He left an unforgettable print not only by his art but also by his attitude, which is reflected in the giant painting of the ...

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La Isla de Benidorm

The island of Benidorm. A love story.

This little island, found in the south of Benidorm, right in front of the bay, is a great spot with a huge environmental and biological value. The island is very interesting for the fans of snorkeling, as it has a wide range of species underneath. It’s accessible from the port of Benidorm, and is placed 4km away from the mainland. The big majority of the tourists there agree; we are ...

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