How authentic is your paella?

Throw your tastebuds the idea of authentic Spanish cuisine and there’s one dish that will always spring to mind. With its zingy orange rice, tender meat and aromatic spices, plus a base of rich tomato and fresh beans, there really is no mistaking a steaming hot pan of paella. Place this hearty dish at the centre of a bustling family gathering, accompanied by a jug of fruity sangria or deep red wine, and you have a Spanish feast that will go on long into the night.

Given its popularity across the globe, it’s no surprise that this delicious dish has gone through a variety of cultural transformations. With our heritage deep-rooted in Spain, we know how to make real paella. Take a look at how the traditional ingredients we use in Spain differ from the plates leaving kitchens in the likes of Germany and Australia, and you might just be surprised by how much paella has evolved!

Paella Valenciana - Blue Sea Hotels


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