BLUESEA Hotels adds two new Hotels in 2023

BLUESEA Hotels, specialists in offering high-quality hotels at affordable prices, has announced the addition of two new hotels to its portfolio: the 4-star BLUESEA Al Andalus in Torremolinos and the 3-star BLUESEA Copacabana in Lloret de Mar. These acquisitions strengthen the chain's position as a leader in the 3 and 4-star hotel segment with an excellent value-for-money proposition. The BLUESEA Al Andalus, located in the center of Torremolinos, offers a unique ...

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Familia jugando

Entertainment during the lockdown #StayAtHome

Entertainment during the lockdown At BLUESEA Hotels we want your confinement as a family to be enjoyable and entertaining, specially for the youngest in the house. We know that these are very hard days for everyone, and that keeping children entertained is not an easy task... They seem to have endless energy! With all of this in mind, we have prepared a list of activities so you can stay entertained during ...

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hotel bluesea lanzarote palm

Winter vacations at BLUESEA Lanzarote Palm Hotel

ENJOY A WORTHY WINTER HOLIDAY AT THE NEW BLUESEA LANZAROTE PALM HOTEL Welcome to BLUESEA Lanzarote Palm Hotel! We always relate vacations with summer, but also there is the possibility of traveling in winter to warm destinations and enjoying some relaxing moments. The winter holidays allow you to know the destination and also without the agglomerations typical of the summer months. There is less traffic, and the winter landscape of many places is ...

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Daily trip to the Timanfaya National Park

Today we visit Lanzarote, the northernmost and easternmost island of the Canary archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Timanfaya National Park and the diversity of its landscapes are the biggest attraction of the island, despite not exceeding 800 square kilometers of surface. The volcanic eruptions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries gave the island its spectacular appearance of a unique shape and beauty. From volcanic caves, lava lakes and ...

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gastronomia canaria

6 Typical dishes from the Canarian Gastronomy

One of the best ways of approaching a new country or a new culture is through its cuisine. Today you will discover that the Canarian gastronomy is a pleasure for the senses; for the eyes but also for the palate. Its cuisine is full of contrasts, with well-seasoned dishes and fresh and healthy ingredients. The result of a mild climate and a volcanic soil that gives them their characteristic flavor. In ...

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Surfing in Fuerteventura

With year-round golden sunshine, a tropical climate and winds of surfers’ dreams, it’s no surprise that surfing in Fuerteventura has reached new heights. With beaches for both surfers and kite surfers, it really doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing it for years or are new to the sport, Fuerteventura has enough sand, sea and wind to cater to all. Here’s our lowdown on surfing in Fuerteventura, including when and where to go: When ...

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Cycle Tourism with BLUESEA

The term cycle tourism includes all forms of recreational, non-competitive cycling. It is practiced unhurriedly and the route we follow and what we find along the way is what is most important. Cycle tourism has a lot more to it than simply pedalling. Preparing everything in advance before the route is important and every experienced cyclist knows that. Study the itineraries, the maps and the places worth visiting, gather useful information, ...

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Mallorca’s typical dishes. Taste the island’s flavors

What is it about Mallorca that everyone falls in love with it? All your senses seem to wake up from the first minute you land on the island. If you love gastronomy, your sense of taste will be revolutionized with its mouthwatering Mediterranean diet! In Mallorca you will find an incredibly rich cuisine based on natural, native ingredients, fresh meat and fresh fish. You cannot miss our following suggestions: Coca de Trampó Coca ...

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At BLUESEA we join the fight against plastic

At BLUESEA we want to join the strong initiatives of the European Union on the prohibition of plastic items. Going forward, the alternative is to offer products that are biodegradable, returning to glass bottles or presenting hygiene products in dispensers. What is the situation today, of our oceans and the world in general ? PRESENT We give you some shocking data: • Since plastic was invented in 1860, around 8,300 million tons of plastic ...

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Our guide to the best water parks in Spain

Holidays to Spain are synonymous with sun, sand and sea. A firm favourite for holiday seekers looking to unwind, it’s also the perfect destination for those wanting to let loose and have fun in the water. Water parks can be found in most Spanish holiday destinations – think the Spanish mainland and popular Islands like Tenerife, Mallorca and Lanzarote. We’ve put together a handy guide to the very best waterparks found ...

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A guide to Playa Jandia: our newest resort

Playa Jandía is a special corner of the Canary Islands. Nestled on the South West coast of possibly the most beautiful of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, the resort boasts everything from gorgeous beaches to fabulous, tax-free shopping. Yes, tax-free. Playa Jandía offers fabulous restaurants, golden beaches, crystal-clear waters and a buzzing atmosphere all edged by gorgeous, natural surroundings. Our new Blue Sea Jandia Luz resort, nestled in the heart of Playa Jandia ...

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We are listening. Blue Sea refurbished hotels

Review on TripAdvisor 2018: “Clean nice hotel with updated rooms, very nice friendly and helpful staff” Review on TripAdvisor 2018: "Rooms are clean and plenty of space, nice balcony to sit or dry your clothes" Review on TripAdvisor 2018: “The room was nice and bright newly refurbished” How well are we doing at Blue Sea to improve your holiday experience? At Blue Sea we have carried out a plan to further improve the quality ...

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Win a 5 night stay in Tenerife with #hotelsthatmakeyousmile

At Blue Sea Hotels we love to share smiles and even more so on these special dates! We have decided that we will continue to surprise you and after the success of our first competition #hotelsthatmakeyousmile, we are going to raffle a new hotel stay among all those who participate in our New Year’s Eve competition. All you need to do is share your best New Year's Eve smile on our ...

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At Blue Sea we end 2018 with a big smile

Every year at Blue Sea we create a list of New Year's resolutions.  In 2018 we have managed to achieve what we set out to do last year.  We always look forward to listen to all your proposals and be able to further improve and grow. Who better than yourselves to help us move forward. Here is an overview of what this year 2018 has meant to us. FREE WIFI You can now ...

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Improving with age: the best of Spain’s old towns

Spain may enjoy plenty of modern popularity thanks to its golden sands, fiesta atmosphere, and gorgeous climate, but the roots of this ancient land run deep. Some of the most beautiful and memorable areas of Spain are located in the old towns of its most popular resorts and cities. For a holiday that embraces all the fabulous elements of Spain, make sure you take time to visit some of Spain’s best ...

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Taking it slow: a trip through Lanzarote’s markets

Nothing captures the essence of a place quite like it’s local markets, and never has that been truer then when exploring the culture, sights and sounds of an island like Lanzarote. Lanzarote has a wealth of local markets scattered across the island, each offering something unique to its town and region. Our resorts in Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen offer unrivalled access to the island’s local markets. But before you head ...

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Llegando al 2018

Kick off 2019 in style: Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Spain

Stuck for plans this New Year’s Eve? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. A trip to Spain is all you need to welcome 2019 in style. Renowned for its golden beaches, delicious food and welcoming people, Spain is a favourite destination for holidaymakers from all walks of life. The festive season brings the ‘Land of Passion’ to life with wild parties, plenty of dancing and a wealth of New Year’s ...

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