La Cruz de Benidorm

The Cross of Benidorm. A beautiful lookout point

Benidorm is a well known city for its tourist activity, thanks to its great beaches and nightlife, but to move away from the average post about this region we will present a spot we think is a must-visit. Situated 217 high we find the Mirador de la Cruz. Uphill in the Natural Park of Serra Gelada we can find the Cross of Benidorm, with impressive panoramic sights to the city, coast and mountains.

The route starts at the very end of the Levante beach, accessible from the Rincón de Loix. The pathway can be followed either by foot or car, as it is a great place to hike. Also, uphill one can find separate paths which lead you to the cliffs. One of these side routes will take you to the Albir Lighthouse and the 400 years old tower next to it, which was previously used as an strategic point.

If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you will have the chance to take great pictures and enjoy the sights, although we recommend to reach the highest point along with the sunset, as it creates a magic moment.


The Cross, originally made of wood, was set in this spot 55 years ago by the Franciscan Monks. Why did they put the cross up there? That was the year Benidorm allowed the use of the bikini, and the most conservative sector of the church did not agree with this decision, so they managed a parade up there in order to free the city from its bad reputation and this new permission. Even the bishop from Alicante proposed to put a sign out of the city saying “Hell” to complain about this new measure.

The chosen day they started marching from the St. James Church, getting the help from the locals to carry the cross on their shoulders. That day is remembered as the day of the forgiveness, but its result is now a tourist point and a cinematographic spot.

In 1975 a storm blew it away, but it was rapidly changed for a new, more resistant one, which is the one you will find when you go there.

This place will let you meet the Mediterranean flora and fauna and disconnect from the hustle and the noise from the city. If you are interested in a romantic getaway, a day with the family or just contact with nature, we highly recommend this trip.

Benidorm is a place full of charm, don’t miss any detail during your visit!

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