Cascadas Düden

Düden Waterfalls. Natural paradise

The beautiful town of Antalya is located between the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the impressive Taurus mountains on the other, making of this city a privileged place which offers an extended diversity of activities and entertainment. The wonderful white-sand beaches with transparent water and cultural visits full of history will let you make an amazing trip.


One of the main touristic attractions that Antalya owns and you must visit is the Düden Waterfalls (Düden Şelalesi in Turkish). The natural spectacle begins from Taurus Mountains where the water flows in the river that has the same name, Düden River. The water follows a mountain road, sometimes into subterranean areas and other times on the surface, and when it arrives to a rocky cliff it falls down from 40 meters into the Mediterranean Sea creating an amazing show with more than 20 different waterfalls. Under the Düden waterfalls there is a hidden cave originated by erosions of volcanic stone and different trips are offered to the visitors to see the show very close.

The journey takes just over an hour. You can walk around the cave under the waterfalls, and from the inside you can see how the water falls in this impressive place. The area is protected by rails letting the visitor have a nice walk and it is important to know that one is not allowed to swim there and should be careful with the kids. You can shoot beautiful pictures capturing the height and the force of the running water. At the end of the journey there is a restaurant where the visitor can rest and appreciate the beauty of Antalya.

How to get in: The waterfalls are located 12 km from Antalya city. You can access by car or public transport (bus or taxi) and there is also the possibility of hiring boat trips which offer different prices and services to take you to the place from the Antalya Harbor. It is really amazing to see the cliffs from the boat.

Visit Turkey, we assure you will have a great trip to remember.

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