Gozo y Comino

Gozo and Comino. Malta’s little sisters.

Today we bring light to the two satellites of the Island of Malta, Gozo and Comino. We will start with Gozo, the bigger of the two complementary islands.

This island offers 67 sqkm of calm. If you are looking for peace and charging batteries, don’t hesitate to visit this place which turned its back to the modern world, keeping the agriculture and fishing as their main activities.

gozo and comino

What to do in Gozo?

No worries, even being a small island, there’s plenty to do. You can relax by the red sand beaches, take a deep swim in their crystalline waters or enjoy a different gastronomy, with the many restaurants to be found in Mgarr, Marsalforn, Rabat or Xlendi, with wonderful views to the Mediterranean. Let’s get in detail:

Azure Window: A fantastic geographical formation, which generated from the falling of two caverns. It’s a place which offers, as its name says, a window to the sea. You will find next to it two other spots; the Dwerja bay and the “interior sea”. Did you know it even showed in Game of Thrones?

MINI-Azure Window

Rabat (Victoria): The capital of Gozo is home of 6.000 people. Might not sound as a great number, but keeping in mind the dimensions of the island we are talking about 2.200 inhabitants per sqkm. Its main interest lays in the Citadel, right in the city center. It’s still fortified and you can get great views of the whole island from the top. You can also find the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, built in baroque style. Rabat does not only serve as a touristic attraction itself, but also as a base for other trips around the island.


Saltworks: They were built during the Roman ages, but are still being used with commercial purposes. This is an interesting visit; the owner of the place will be glad to explain the process of salt harvesting, and you will even be able to buy little salt sacks and postcards of the place.

Xerri’s Grotto: A small cave in ix-Xagħra. It was discovered around 100 years ago by the inhabitants of a house when they were trying to build a well. It is accessible by stairs, and the visitors can do a small tour around it. It is said the stalactites and other rock formations have the shapes of animals; perhaps you can go and check yourself!

And now we must talk about Comino, only 3sqkm. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy beaches and foodtrucks, just a tip, don’t stay right at the Blue Lagoon when the boat drops you in the place, but go exploring a bit yourself and you might find other calmer, also interesting beaches.

blue lagoon etours
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The Blue Lagoon is known as one of the most interesting beaches of the world. It has been used as scenario of many films. Its crystalline waters and its closeness to the harbor will make you want to stay in the place forever. But good luck if you are going during summer, as the place gets crowded and it’s often uncomfortable to stay there.

The visits to Gozo and Comino are done by fast boats, leaving from different places of Malta. There are packages which include both islands in the same trip, others to only one of them. You choose, we only hope you can enjoy your visit.

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