Organiza tu viaje en sencillos pasos

Simple steps to organize your trip

Time for resting is coming. You need to stay away from the routine, job, let your mind fly and relax.  You don’t consider the option to stay at home and your head starts to think about the idea of knowing new places.

First step is to find the perfect companion for your trip. Family?  Friends?  Partner?  You are going to spend 24 hours per day together, therefore try not to join to someone who often drives you crazy, or someone whose interests have nothing to do with yours.  If you love to travel alone, congratulations! You just have to deal with yourself and your own decisions.

Second step is to search for a destination which adapts to your needs. Is it going to be a cultural visit? Relax on the beach maybe? Or is it hiking in the mountains? Luckily there are plenty of options according to your preferences that will get you an unforgettable trip.

viajar Blue Sea

How limited is your budget? Contrast the best prices through travel agencies and the different booking websites, because they offer a great range of prices. Don’t forget to book the flights first if you are going to move by plane, some of the airlines don’t have service in determined days and it wouldn’t be convenient to stay at home having a paid hotel somewhere around the world, would it?.

Are you going to rent a car? A recommendation: book online. Very often the prices are more expensive at the moment of the check in, unless they have a special offer, so be careful and inform yourself.

Once you have the pack, specify an itinerary. Having a good touristic guide will help you to know where to go and to find the “must see” places. Make a daily plan with the points you have interest in and leave for the later the least important. It is very common to think that we have time enough to visit everything and we get nervous when not being able to follow the plan.

The last advice: don’t take your house inside your bag.  In the end you will use only some of the things you have in. With a light bag it will be easier to go from one side to another and besides, you will have place to include those gifts everybody ask for.

If one of our hotels is in the chosen destination, don’t forget to share your adventure with us.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

Gran Playa Blue Sea
Blue Sea Gran Playa (Sa Coma, Majorca)









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