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Entertainment during the lockdown #StayAtHome

Entertainment during the lockdown At BLUESEA Hotels we want your confinement as a family to be enjoyable and entertaining, specially for the youngest in the house. We know that these are ...

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hotel bluesea lanzarote palm

Winter vacations at BLUESEA Lanzarote Palm Hotel

ENJOY A WORTHY WINTER HOLIDAY AT THE NEW BLUESEA LANZAROTE PALM HOTEL Welcome to BLUESEA Lanzarote Palm Hotel! We always relate vacations with summer, but also there is the possibility of traveling ...

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gastronomia canaria

6 Typical dishes from the Canarian Gastronomy

One of the best ways of approaching a new country or a new culture is through its cuisine. Today you will discover that the Canarian gastronomy is a pleasure for ...

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Surfing in Fuerteventura

With year-round golden sunshine, a tropical climate and winds of surfers’ dreams, it’s no surprise that surfing in Fuerteventura has reached new heights. With beaches for both surfers and kite surfers, ...

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Cycle Tourism with BLUESEA

The term cycle tourism includes all forms of recreational, non-competitive cycling. It is practiced unhurriedly and the route we follow and what we find along the way is what is ...

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Essentials to include in your suitcase for your vacation

What shall I put in my suitcase for my next vacation? This is the BIG question when we need to start packing. Keep in mind that each trip is different therefore ...

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Mallorca’s typical dishes. Taste the island’s flavors

What is it about Mallorca that everyone falls in love with it? All your senses seem to wake up from the first minute you land on the island. If you ...

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City breaks with a dose of culture: Madrid museums

Madrid is a city full of culture, life, and museums. In fact, Spain’s capital is home to over 40 museums, with exhibitions ranging from artwork to science, and history to ...

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Our guide to the best water parks in Spain

Holidays to Spain are synonymous with sun, sand and sea. A firm favourite for holiday seekers looking to unwind, it’s also the perfect destination for those wanting to let loose ...

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A guide to Playa Jandia: our newest resort

Playa Jandía is a special corner of the Canary Islands. Nestled on the South West coast of possibly the most beautiful of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, the resort boasts everything ...

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