Explore the best of Spain’s black sand beaches

You might not picture black sand when you dream of sunbathing on the beach, but they exist, and they’re as mesmerising as they sound.

Black sand beaches can be found all over the world, but if you love Spain (who doesn’t?), there’s plenty to be found around the Canary Islands, and each offer something a little bit different to the rest. So, get your buckets and spades out, as here are five of the best black sand beaches the Canary Islands have to offer.

Spend the day in Playa Jardin

Playa JardinPlaya Jardin can be found in Tenerife , located in the town of Puerto de la Cruz. This urban beach is divided into three sections: Castillo beach, Charcòn beach, and Punta Brava beach.

Designed by the famous artist César Manrique, Playa Jardin offers plenty of amenities for a fun-filled, relaxing day out, with an extravagant garden full of flowers, palm trees, and other impressive feats of flora. The beach’s breakwaters protect swimmers from high waves – but do not worry, if you’re into surfing, there are open areas that create the perfect environment for riding waves. You can sunbathe, visit cafes and restaurants, go shopping, or visit the famous Loro Parque theme park. There’s also a large playground for those with young families.

Enjoy seclusion in Playa El Bollullo

Playa El BollulloPlaya El Bollullo is another one of Tenerife’s black sand beaches. The volcano rocks surrounding it make it the perfect choice for those wanting to escape the crowds. Access to Playa El Bollullo is limited, but you can get there from the Bollullo restaurant by walking down a path, or – for the more adventurous – via a 45-minute hike from Puerto de la Cruz.

There is something for everyone at Playa El Bollullo – if you want to relax on a lounger, stroll those tanned legs, or surf the strong Spanish waves, Playa El Bollullo has it covered. What’s more, if you’re feeling peckish, take a trip to the cliffside restaurant, where breathtaking views and mouth-watering food await.

Escape the crowds in Los Cancajos

Diving in Los CancajosPlaya de Los Cancajos is found on the island of La Palma. Despite it being popular among tourists and locals, it is still considered fairly remote. 

Los Cancajos beach has three bays and plenty of facilities. You’ll find friendly bars, shops, nightclubs, and international restaurants within walking distance from the beach. But the real star of the show is the resort’s diving center. Here, diving doesn’t just mean seeing beautiful marine life; it means breathtaking underwater sculptures formed from volcanic activity.

Explore the unique scenery of Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina beach
Santa Catalina beach is in the north of La Gomera. Its unique landscape of small houses, palm trees, vegetation, and its sense of remoteness makes it the perfect spot for any budding photographer or Instagram-fanatic.

Not only is Santa Catalina beach photogenic, it’s also home to various water activities. Here, kayaking and surfing are king, and you can join in the fun at any time: pull up, rent equipment along the beach and head into the ocean – it’s paradise on earth. Whilst the thought of kayaking and surfing might be a dream to some, for others, first-time nerves can get the better of them. Fortunately, the ocean water is fairly calm and makes the ideal conditions for beginners – so take a leap of faith and dive right in!

But if water sports really are not your thing, Santa Catalina Beach is the ultimate spot to lie on the beach and do absolutely nothing – pure bliss.

See The Green Lagoon in El Golfo

The Green LagoonThe Gulf is one of the black sand beaches in Lanzarote , and it’s famous for its Green Lagoon – created from trapped sea water turning an acidic green from the algae beneath the water.

The Green Lagoon, black sand, and auburn rocks make The Gulf look and feel like a set from a sci-fi movie, and it’s this unusual, enchanting appearance that attracts visitors.

Take note – due to the beach being on the windward side of the island, there are almost constant winds, and swimming in the sea is not advised. Nevertheless, these strong winds make The Gulf a refreshing place to visit during hot, summer months. 

If you want to eat during your visit, then you’re taste buds are going to thank you. The nearby fishing village has fresh catch to grace many a plate, and it tastes just as delightful as it sounds. 

Get your sunglasses out, and start planning your trip to Spain’s black sand beaches

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