Mallorca’s typical dishes. Taste the island’s flavors

What is it about Mallorca that everyone falls in love with it? All your senses seem to wake up from the first minute you land on the island. If you love gastronomy, your sense of taste will be revolutionized with its mouthwatering Mediterranean diet!
In Mallorca you will find an incredibly rich cuisine based on natural, native ingredients, fresh meat and fresh fish. You cannot miss our following suggestions:

Coca de Trampó

Coca de Trampó consists of a crunchy dough base made with flour, water, eggs, oil, butter and salt. This is then topped with green and red peppers, onions, tomato, paprika and olive oil. You can find this in most bakeries and some restaurants as well. In Majorcan culture, it is prepared as a starter or snack, besides being a star dish in special gatherings.
This recipe has been passed on to other areas in mainland Spain, such as Barcelona or Valencia.

Arròs Brut

The direct translation means “dirty rice” but this name does not do justice to such a delicious dish! It is another one of the star dishes in any celebration or gathering and it consists of a hot rice prepared in a clay casserole with meat, vegetables, sausages, spices and mushrooms; ingredients that can change depending on the season. The color which the broth acquires during the cooking process and the great number of ingredients used to make it are what give this recipe its particular name.

Suckling Pig

This is of course another one of the most delicious Majorcan dishes and a classic at Christmas. This very tender pork meat with a crunchy crust is obtained by macerating the suckling pig for 24 hours and then baking it in the oven for about 2 hours. Accompany this flavorsome recipe with a bottle of your favorite local wine. This is the star dish to host a party!

Frit Mallorquí

This is one of the oldest recipes in the traditional Majorcan Cuisine. It dates back to the fourteenth century and can be made with different types of vegetables, depending on the season of the year. It is the recipe ‘par excellence’ in Majorcan gastronomy and the traditional ‘frit’ is made from lean pork or lamb, liver, potatoes, red peppers, onions, fennel, peas, garlic, salt and olive oil. Nowadays we can find different types of ‘frit’ but apart from the traditional recipe, you cannot miss the Seafood version which is out of this world!


Attention all vegans and vegetarians as this is the dish for you! Included in most summer menus, it is made from local vegetables and it can be compared to the famous Italian Melanzane. It is prepared with fried eggplants, red peppers, potatoes, zucchini and a delicious sauce made with ripe tomatoes, oil, garlic and salt.

Caragols a la Mallorquina (Majorcan style  escargots/snails)

This is a typical dish in sea-fearing tradition. If you enjoy eating snails, this recipe will make you feel like a child in a sweet shop! They are bathed in a broth made with parsley, fennel, garlic, mint, chilli pepper and accompanied with potatoes and aioli. It is the perfect recipe to build up your appetite before any meal.

Majorcan ‘sobrassada’

Together with the ‘ensaimada’, sobrassada is one of the gastronomic references of Mallorca. Traditionally it was one in a wide range of products, supplying families with food for the whole year and obtained from the traditional pig slaughter. It can be enjoyed in many different ways, from smearing it on toast to cooking it with honey.

Sopes Mallorquines

This is another one of Mallorca’s traditional recipes and it is made with a series of ingredients, mostly vegetables and very thin slices of farm bread. Peppers, spinach, cabbage and onion are the main protagonists of this typical dish.

Pa amb oli

One of the best ways to snack is with this simple yet delicious recipe. Pa amb Oli (basically meaning bread with oil) is made with slices of farmhouse bread, which can be toasted and then rubbed with garlic or fresh bunch tomatoes, typical of the island, and enjoyed with a bit of virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. Pa amb oli can be accompanied with pretty much anything but is usually accompanied with the traditional cold meats, sausages and cheese.

Majorcan Ensaimada

We cannot finish this article without talking about worldwide known ensaimada. Made with water, sugar, eggs, flour, yeast and lard, is the favorite sweet dish of both children and adults. Eaten plain or filled with fresh cream, cream custard, chocolate… it is definitely a scrumptious culinary experience!

With these new insights into the typical Majorcan cuisine, there is no reason for you not to try them all when travelling to this fantastic destination. And of course, share your experience with us; we love to hear about your exciting trips abroad!

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