Daily trip to the Timanfaya National Park

The Timanfaya National Park

Today we visit Lanzarote, the northernmost and easternmost island of the Canary archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Timanfaya National Park and the diversity of its landscapes are the biggest attraction of the island, despite not exceeding 800 square kilometers of surface. The volcanic eruptions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries gave the island its spectacular appearance of a unique shape and beauty. From volcanic caves, lava lakes and craters to golden beaches and transparent waters.

Lanzarote has something different that goes beyond what can be found in any sun and beach destination. An island where nature and art go hand in hand, where its people live with pride knowing that they belong there, where the local food tastes of land and the sea. An island with an essence that leaves its mark.

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We strongly suggest an excursion which we feel is mandatory when visiting Lanzarote; a trip to the Timanfaya National Park.

The Timanfaya National Park

The Timanfaya National Park consists of a beautiful succession of volcanic landscapes, rising as one of the major tourist attractions in the Island. The volcanic landscape created by the volcanic activity comprises a total area of 174 km², although the protected area of Timanfaya National Park, where the most important eruptions happened only covers 51 km².
This protected territory can be discovered in several different ways. Let’s start the tour!

Visitors Center

The Timanfaya National Park

Before you start any walking tour, we recommend you to visit the Visitor Center located in Macha Blanca. It offers a complete virtual tour of the Park in several languages, through an audiovisual program and an exhibition.
Free entrance.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mountains of fire

The Timanfaya National Park

This is where you can fully experience the volcanic world. The mountains of fire offer a collection of ocher colors that amaze all spectators.
The Islet of Hilario is a mountain that rises over a solidified sea of lava of about 200 square kilometers, on which 25 craters remain asleep. This is where César Manrique gave free rein to his restless mind and he created the restaurant El Diablo, to give life to the islet. This extraordinary integration of a human creation within nature is undoubtedly one of the most impressive works of art in the world.

While the furnace at El Diablo uses the natural heat that the earth radiates to prepare unique dishes, at ten meters deep, the earth bursts at almost 300 degrees Celsius. There is an entrance Tariff to visit the islet which includes the parking service, geothermal demonstrations and the tour by bus along the Route of the Volcanoes.
– Winter. From 09.00 a.m. to 05.45 p.m. Last route of the volcanoes at 5.00 p.m.
– Summer (from July 15th to September 15th). From 09.00 a.m. to 06.45 p.m.

Camel Ride ‘’Echadero de Camellos’’

Camel Ride ‘’Echadero de Camellos’’

This is where visitors can enjoy an exotic camel ride of about 20 minutes. There is a museum that explains the great importance of camels in the island of Lanzarote, as they were used
for the transport of the vine, blackberries and figs along the surrounding lands of Timanfaya.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Walking tours

Walking tours

Tramesana Route
When following this route, one can contemplate the geological and biological richness of the area. Begin by observing the magnitude of the eruptions that occurred from 1730 to 1936 which created the hardened lava flows, volcanic caves, bubbles, alignment of cones and craters, etc. The route lasts approximately 3 hours and it is of minimum difficulty.

Coastline Route
This route can also be self-guided and runs along the only stretch of coastline in the Canary Islands that is framed by the grounds of a National Park. From the start of the route one can admire the coastline that was formed when the lava that was expelled during the historical eruptions of the 18th and 19th centuries reached the sea. This route must be booked in advance. With an approximate duration of 6 hours, it is considered of maximum difficulty.

Short coastline route: This route, which runs along the first section of the Coastal Route, allows you to discover the ecosystem and landscape of the coastline at Timanfaya National Park, without the high physical requirements of the complete route. This route is of medium difficulty and has a duration of about 3 hours.


To finish our visit at Timanfaya National Park, here are some curious facts for you:

– The most emblematic volcanic cones are: the Timanfaya Mountain, the Rajada Mountain, the Calon del Corazoncillo, the New Volcano of the Fire or the Chinero and the burned Calderas.

– Lichens are the sole protagonists covering the volcanic surface.

– Inside the park you will find one of the modules of the Geodynamic Laboratory of Lanzarote.

– The tourist facilities designed by César Manrique are a delight to see with one’s own eyes.

– The relics of the past now surface with temperatures reaching 100-120 ° C at ground level.

As the National Park is open to the public and it is a protected space, there are some rules that we must all follow to conserve this beautiful environment:

-The cutting, uprooting and collecting of plants or minerals is strictly forbidden.
It’s also very important to not disturb the animals.

-Each individual is responsible for their own rubbish which must be collected and then discarded once the National Park has been exited, always using the appropriate wastebaskets. It is totally forbidden to leave rubbish lying around anywhere else.

-Vehicles cannot be driven outside the paved areas which are open to the public.

-It is forbidden to step on the lava.

It is important to comply with all these rules to preserve our natural history.

We hope that you can make the most of all our suggestions and have an unforgettable time in Lanzarote. In addition, we provide you this link with our hotels in Lanzarote so you can organize your visit to the wonderful Timanfaya National Park and a post related with the best markets offered by this fabulous island. Do not forget to share your experiences with us on our social media networks! What did you enjoy the most?


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