Cycle Tourism with BLUESEA

The term cycle tourism includes all forms of recreational, non-competitive cycling. It is practiced unhurriedly and the route we follow and what we find along the way is what is most important.

Cycle tourism has a lot more to it than simply pedalling. Preparing everything in advance before the route is important and every experienced cyclist knows that. Study the itineraries, the maps and the places worth visiting, gather useful information, find out where to eat and sleep, ensure your bicycle is in perfect condition and pack all the technical and personal items that you might need during your cycling experience. It is also very important for you to know your own body and prepare both physically and mentally.

At BLUESEA we have embraced cycle tourism and we are now offering an excellent range of services to meet the needs of any cyclist. Our Hotel Piscis in Alcudia, Mallorca and Hotel Gran Cervantes in Torremolinos, Málaga are located in two of the best areas to practice this fascinating sport and both have a Cycling Friendly certificate!

You may be wondering what is the Cycling Friendly certificate is. Let us explain this to you.cycling friendly

The company was born in 2011 by the hands of three partners: Jan Choueiri, Matías Ximelis and Miguel Contestí. After more than two years of hard work, in 2014 they launched Cycling in Mallorca, the first ever website to unify and gather all the information relating to cycling and triathlon opportunities in the island of Mallorca. The increasing success of the website and the interest of the local establishments in attracting the attention of cyclists, allowed the company to further expand its business lines and launch its consulting services, quality certification services and a comprehensive provision of cycling services.

These certificates are issued when an establishment is equipped with all the facilities and services that a cyclist needs and at BlueSea, we have got ours!

Discover our two holiday destinations where you can enjoy this new way of sightseeing and have all your cycling needs covered for.

Cycle Tourism in the Port of Alcudia – Mallorca.

If you think that Mallorca is just a beach and sun destination, we will prove you wrong. With its 300 days of sunshine on average per year, its mild winters, the stunning natural landscapes and cycling routes for all difficulty levels, it is understandable why the island meets all the ideal conditions for cycling. In fact, it is already considered one of the most important destinations in the world for cycling tourism, where both professional teams that come to train and people who simply love this sport, are brought together.

In the resort of Alcudia you can stay at our BlueSea Piscis – Adults Only Hotel. This fabulous 3-star hotel is perfect for those who seek for tranquillity and relaxation during their long awaited vacation. It is also your best option if you wish to practice this wonderful sport. The Hotel offers an excellent range of cycling facilities such as: a covered bike shed with 24hr camera surveillance, a washing area to clean the bikes, a fully equipped workshop with all the necessary tools and a bicycle rental service. Take advantage of the GPS, personalized cycling routes that we have put together exclusively for you. You can also find detailed information about these routes in our official website.

mallorca map

Cycle Tourism in Torremolinos – Costa del Sol.

Washed by the waters of the Mediterranean, the town of Torremolinos in Costa del Sol, is well known for its sandy beaches, such as ‘El Bajondillo’ and ‘La Carihuela’. The street of ‘San Miguel’ is the centre of the nightlife, restaurant and shopping areas. Away from the beaches and the skyscrapers, one can find several golf courses, amusement parks and secret corners where one can find the authentic, traditional, Andalusian culture.

Stay at our Hotel Gran Cervantes by BlueSea and enjoy a dream vacation. In this Cycling Friendly hotel we offer a wide range of cycling services so that your bike and you do not miss out on anything during your stay. These services include a covered parking with video surveillance where you can store your bike, a fully equipped workshop with bike toolkits, a washing area to clean your bike, a bike rental service and a selection of the best cycling routes in GPS.

Torremolinos map

Remember that it is extremely important for you to prepare yourself physically before you start your cycling routes, to avoid any injuries. It is also crucial to check that your bike is in perfect condition.

Which routes have you chosen for your next vacation? Share your ideas with us in our Social Networks.

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