We are listening. Blue Sea refurbished hotels

Review on TripAdvisor 2018: “Clean nice hotel with updated rooms, very nice friendly and helpful staff”

Review on TripAdvisor 2018: “Rooms are clean and plenty of space, nice balcony to sit or dry your clothes”

Review on TripAdvisor 2018: “The room was nice and bright newly refurbished”

How well are we doing at Blue Sea to improve your holiday experience?

At Blue Sea we have carried out a plan to further improve the quality of establishments. Our main goal is to offer you an enjoyable vacation at affordable prices.

What steps have we taken?

We have a team that has been reading online reviews for a long time and gathering all the customer opinions. Our aim to improve our services begun in Mallorca and we keep a close eye on the customer feedback for our hotels on the island. Having analysed the results, we concluded that most of you emphasized on the quality of the furniture and hotel facilities, so comfort and guest satisfaction became our first priority. You also asked us to provide free Wi Fi.

We are very pleased to inform you that since 2018, you can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, at no extra cost and in all of our refurbished hotels.

The renovated rooms, improved facilities and incredible staff will make a difference to your holiday indeed! Once we completed the renovations in our hotels in Mallorca, one of the best moments of your trip was indeed your positive reaction when entering the new, modernised Hotels.

After all our efforts, your positive reaction allowed us to witness that we had managed to meet or even exceed your expectations. These moments are priceless.

The hotels  that were renovated in 2018 are:

Blue Sea Gran Playa *** Sa Coma
Blue Sea Don Jaime *** Cala Millor
Blue Sea Costa Verde *** El Arenal

In addition, we carried on and finalised the renovation works that were outstanding at the hotels Blue Sea Cala Millor *** and Blue Sea Arenal Tower ***.  That’s not all, other renovations are taking place in our hotels in the Canary Islands and Mallorca.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit Mallorca, immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters and enjoy your stay at a Blue Sea Hotel.

And remember… we’re listening!

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