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Entertainment during the lockdown #StayAtHome

Entertainment during the lockdown

At BLUESEA Hotels we want your confinement as a family to be enjoyable and entertaining, specially for the youngest in the house. We know that these are very hard days for everyone, and that keeping children entertained is not an easy task… They seem to have endless energy! With all of this in mind, we have prepared a list of activities so you can stay entertained during the lockdown. We want you to have fun and disconnect from the current situation, even if it’s just for a little while…

Girl doing sport

Activities to practice sport in times of confinement with the little ones

Firstly, we believe that it is essential for the whole family to practice a bit of sport at home. This helps us to disconnect and helps us Both with our physical and mental health. For this reason, we have selected the following YOUTUBE channels which focus on the youngest members of the family, who can do gymnastics while singing or dancing to their favourite cartoons or tv shows. The entertainment is guaranteed!

Activities to practice virtual “Escape Rooms”

Secondly, we propose another plan to keep the middle-aged entertained. You join a virtual ‘Escape Room’ from home. The Escape Room, as some of you already know, involves trying to escape from a specific space by guessing the answers to clues and solving enigmas that are located within that same space. Without a doubt, the best option to play as a team with your family or friends. Here are all these virtual ‘Escape Rooms’.

Kids cooking

Cooking activities in times of confinement with the little ones

Thirdly, we believe that the world of cuisine has a lot to offer during the lockdown as we can recreate all kinds of dishes and the whole family can participate. Children have a great time in the kitchen and we also believe that it is the perfect opportunity to install in them all kinds of values when working as a team. In the following YOUTUBE channels you will find many different recipes, from healthy dishes to the most tasty desserts made in the most entertaining way. You will love it!

Boy painting

Activity program so that the little ones don’t get bored

Finally, we suggest the following link where you will find an endless number of activities, games, readings, films, series, experiments, apps and websites suitable for all ages, to make your quarantine much more enjoyable!

We hope that you can now make the most of the lockdown and enjoy some unforgettable moments with your Friends and Family, speacially the youngest ones. Please, #StayHome and remember that we will all be able to see each other and enjoy some time toghether very soon! Keep your hopes up!

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