A guide to Playa Jandia: our newest resort

Playa Jandía is a special corner of the Canary Islands. Nestled on the South West coast of possibly the most beautiful of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, the resort boasts everything from gorgeous beaches to fabulous, tax-free shopping. Yes, tax-free.

Playa Jandía offers fabulous restaurants, golden beaches, crystal-clear waters and a buzzing atmosphere all edged by gorgeous, natural surroundings.

Our new Blue Sea Jandia Luz resort, nestled in the heart of Playa Jandia and just 100 metres from its famous beach, provides the perfect base to explore everything this vibrant resort has to offer.

Stunning Sands:

The Jandía peninsula has possibly the best beach in Fuerteventura, the Playa de Jandía.

This stunning beach stretches along the southern coast for an incredible 32km and features soft, white-gold sand, rocky outcrops, and stunning lagoons. With so much beach to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find your own special spot away from the crowds.

There are tiny bays offering something unique, from beach bars, cafés, bustling family beaches to secluded romantic inlets.

The Blue Sea Jandia Luz sits just 100 meters from the Playa de Jandía beach, giving you unrivalled access to the area’s main attraction. Spend lazy days soaking in golden sunshine with a cocktail in hand, take a relaxing swim in the sea, and treat yourself to an ice cream sundae at one of the charming beachside cafés. You’re on holiday, enjoy it.

Amazing Ocean:

It’s easy to sell the beach, but what about the sea? Well, rest assured, its perfection.

Ideal for swimming, with plenty of shallow spots for little ones to paddle, there’s also plenty of things to do in Playa de Jandía’s waters.

Kite surfing and windsurfing are pretty much the national sports of Fuerteventura, and the beaches of Playa de Jandía are packed with schools and organisations to help you get riding the waves, whatever your level of experience. Alternatively, jet skiing, surfing and stand up paddle boarding are just a few of the other water sports on offer in the waters of Playa de Jandía.

If you’re after something more sedate and elegant, then book a Catamaran boat trip to Morro Jable, a stunning fishing village nestled just at the far tip of Playa de Jandía. Spend hours sipping complimentary drinks as you watch leaping dolphins, gliding sea turtles, and a rainbow of fish slip past your vessel. It’s captivating.

All of these water activities are just a short trip from our Blue Sea Jandía Luz resort, and the hotel would be happy to help you with any booking arrangements.

Natural Wonders:

Stepping away from the sea and sand, there’s plenty to explore inland on the Jandía peninsula.

For nature lovers, adventurers and outdoor enthusiast, the highlight will be the Jandía National Park. One of Fuerteventura’s biggest and most beautiful attractions, the Parque National de Jandía stretches across the Jandía peninsula and attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Jandía national park boasts a variety of unique and beautiful landscapes for the public to explore:

  • Roam the rolling sand dunes of La Pared Isthmus and the Valley of Pecenescal, the latter having featured prominently in the ‘Star Wars: A Solo Story’ film;
  • Climb the breath-taking pinnacle of Pico de la Zarza, Fuerteventura’s highest point at 807m above sea level, and take in the view over Playa de Jandia;
  • Hike the gentle hills, valleys and crests of Jandia mountain range’s southern slopes;
  • Wander along the pristine beaches that line the edge of the park.

Mountains, valleys, dunes and beaches, the Jandía National Park has it all.

There are a number of organisations offering guided walks or dune buggy tours, while those of you with a nose for adventure can explore the many hiking paths that wind across the national park.

As you explore the reserve, you’ll even come across historic towns that have been incorporated into the park, like the pretty town of Pájara, which prove the perfect rest stops for a bite to eat.

An island of adventure:

There’s plenty to explore in the area around Playa de Jandia.

Take a half hour’s drive north from the Blue Sea Jandía Luz and head to Playa de la Barca, another glorious sandy bay that hosts the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup.

Visit the beach on a full moon and see the bay transform into a beautiful lagoon by the unusual lunar tides – it’s a magical sight.

Just a short drive from Blue Sea Playa de Jandía lies Oasis Park, a fantastic animal park that offers exceptional experiences with local wildlife. The organisation undertakes a lot of conservation work too, so you can enjoy interacting with all the friendly fur balls and know you’re supporting a good cause.

If you don’t mind a slightly longer drive, you can visit Fuerteventura’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, for some fabulous shopping and a tour of the town’s famous sculptures.

Nothing is too far

The joy of Fuerteventura is that nothing on the island is beyond your reach. From our Blue Sea Jandia Luz resort, you can go out and spend a day touring every inch of Fuerteventura, and still get back in time to enjoy a sunset cocktail by the pool.


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