Essentials to include in your suitcase for your vacation

What shall I put in my suitcase for my next vacation? This is the BIG question when we need to start packing.

Keep in mind that each trip is different therefore it is very important to adapt your luggage to the type of vacation. Even if you planned everything well in advance, there are things that should never be missing in your suitcase, wherever you go. Take a look at our list of suggestions:

1 Camera

Who doesn’t take pictures on their vacation? It is rare to find someone who doesn´t nowadays. We all want to immortalize our trips and share them with everyone so a camera is indispensable. Unless you are passionate about photography, it’s no longer necessary to carry a large, heavy camera since our phones already include very good quality cameras. In addition, if you love to include yourself in all your pictures, don’t forget the selfie stick!

2 First aid kit

essentials suitcase

It’s always good idea to carry a small kit in case something unexpected happens. What to include in your kit? Painkillers, anti-sickness tablets, disinfectant wipes, plasters, blunt scissors, tweezers, bandages, sunscreen, anti-mosquito spray… If your trip is by plane, you have to take into account that if you don’t check in your baggage, you can’t take liquids of more than 100ml or sharp objects.

3 Appropriate clothing

This is the critical point for many men and women. Don’t get nervous! Think about the place where you will be travelling to and the type of climate. The appropriate footwear is essential, it must be both comfortable and safe. If you are planning on booking excursions, don’t forget your trainers or mountain boots. We know flip flops are the comfiest, but unfortunately we cannot wear them everywhere. It is also worth considering a sudden change of weather, so it’s a good idea to pack a thin jumper/jacket if you’re going on a beach holiday, or a thin layer if you are travelling somewhere colder.

4 Chargers and adaptors

Nowadays most of us live stuck to our phones, even during our holidays. If we run out of battery unexpectedly we won’t be able to take our pictures, or update our social media, our friends and family after a long day. Don’t forget to review what electronic devices you might need during your vacation. We suggest a charger, travel adaptor and a portable charger.

5 Accessories

No, we are not talking about jewelry or watches. We are referring to umbrellas, raincoats, sunglasses … The accessories that we will need the most according to the weather conditions in our chosen destination. We know that we can’t rely entirely on weather applications or that the weather might suddenly change, but if you travel to a place where rainfalls are frequent, definitely include an umbrella in your suitcase.

6 Travel Guide and Map

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It depends on what type of traveler you are; whether you like to improvise or you prefer to have everything planned out beforehand. If you like to be well organized, we suggest to find a guide of the destination, the type which also includes a map, so you can choose the places you prefer to visit and not waste any time trying to decide when you are already there. Once you have arrived at your destination, if you need more information, it is a great idea to visit a Tourist Information Office.

7 Toiletry Bag

Although many hotels offer amenities, these might not be the products that you usually choose to use at home. If you have a favorite type of hair conditioner, toothpaste or body lotion essence for example, it is always a good idea to take these with you. If you are checking in your luggage, you don’t need to worry about the size of the products but if you only travel with hand luggage, remember that you cannot take liquids which exceed 100ml.

8 Important Documents

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This is a legal requirement that we must all meet. It’s very important to carry the correct documents with you (passport or ID card). Don’t forget to check that these documents have not expired well before your travel, otherwise you will not have enough time to renew these on time. Put all the important documents in one same case and set yourself a reminder for the day before you travel, to make sure you don’t leave these behind.

9 Credit card

It is important to stay calm when traveling, so don’t forget to take a credit card that you can use if you have any emergency. These are also essential when hiring a car with most car hire companies.
We must also bear in mind that in some hotels, a credit card is requested as a means of guarantee, to charge any extra services or in case damages are caused to the room.

10 Health card or health insurance

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No one expects to have an accident or fall sick when going on vacation, but one never knows for certain that this will not happen. If you are European and traveling within the European Union, apply for the European Health Insurance Card. If you travel outside Europe or you choose to travel on a cruise ship, it is more than advisable to purchase medical insurance. You need to be familiar with the insurance coverage, to ensure it covers you in the destination of your choice.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and don’t forget to tell us what is it you find impossible to travel without!

And last but not least, we wish you some unforgettable holidays with BLUESEA!


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