Dip your toes in Tenerife’s natural pools

There are pristine, luxurious pools nestled in classy resorts with cocktails on tap; there are stunning beaches and bays. But in Tenerife, there’s a third option, a combination of both worlds: its extraordinary natural pools.

Crafted by nature as if for your pleasure, Tenerife’s natural pools create a striking setting for your holiday swim. The rise and fall of the tides keep the waters constantly fresh, while the volcanic rock edges create an enclosed space protecting swimmers, particularly children, from the rougher ocean waves.

But with so many natural pools to explore – each boasting their own unique character – it can be hard deciding where to head off to – fortunately, that’s where we come in. Here are our favourite natural pools found in Tenerife:

Piscinas de Bajamar

Piscinas de BajamarFor safe Blue Flag waters and a stunning natural setting, you can’t beat the Piscinas de Bajamar in La Laguna, North Tenerife.

2 large pools and a smaller one for children give the whole family plenty of space to splash about, and a golden beach next to the pools provide the ideal spot for a bit of sunbathing or sandcastle building.

What’s more, the Bajamar pools benefit from an array of facilities: lifeguards keep an eye on swimmers, allowing parents to relax as their little ones play. There are well-kept installations, ramps, and handrails going in and out of the pools, nearby shops, restaurants and a whole host of fun holiday activities courtesy of Bajamar Town Council.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bajamar also boasts a picture-perfect location. Top off a day of sun and swimming with a visit to La Laguna’s city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for some wining and dining in an exquisite setting.


Paseo La Jaquita

Paseo La Jaquita natural poolStunning coastal views are a given on Tenerife’s shores, but even by the island’s high standards, the sunset from Paseo La Jaquita’s natural pools is in a league of its own. The Alcala beach bay is coated in unusual grey sand and lined with lapilli lilies which catch the fading light beautifully, while out on the horizon, the sun sets over a distant La Gomera island. In short, it’s breath-taking.

These pools aren’t all about sunsets, though. Nestled in a charming traditional fishing town, elegant wining and dining options sit one side of the promenade, with the sheltered natural pools lining the other. Paseo La Jaquita is, quite simply, a hub of sophistication.

If you don’t want to be too far from the action, then our Blue Sea Lagos de Cesar resort is a mere 9 minute drive from Paseo La Jaquita, and just a short transfer away from Tenerife South Airport.

El Caletón de Garachico

Swimming in El Caletón de Garachico natural poolSometimes it pays to follow the crowd, and the stunning El Caletón de Garachico pools are testament to that.

Here, smooth fingers of rock reach out to sea, forming large, tranquil pools that stretch out to the ocean. There are tiny pools for young children, large pools suited for leisurely swims, and pools deep enough to be jumped into from large rocks – although ladders are provided for a less dramatic entrance!

El Caletón de Garachico comes complete with sunbathing areas, a nearby beach, lifeguards in the summer months, and a poolside café. The views from the El Caletón pools are spectacular, framed by the beautiful La Culata cliffs and northern island coastline. Just a few minutes’ walk will take visitors into the charming Garachico village complete with a new port, shops, restaurants, and the 16th Century San Miguel Castle. A stunning spot with plenty to keep the whole family entertained, El Caletón deserves its reputation.

Our Blue Sea Puerto Resort and Blue Sea Costa Jardín & Spa are just a 30 minutes’ drive from El Caletón’s natural pools.

Charco de la Laja

Charco de la laja natural poolYou may find the crystal waters and unique rock formations of the Charco de la Laja pools strangely familiar. As if from a movie set, the landscape lends itself to Instagram stories and camera clicking – visitors have taken millions of photos of this stunning spot and you’re sure to have seen one of them.

Nestled along the coastline of San Juan de la Rambla in Northern Tenerife, access to the pools is via a coastal trail which, if you’re lucky, will keep the crowds away. The tranquil pool waters create a serene environment, and arguably one of the most beautiful natural sights on the coast: the epitome of an island escape.

You can’t visit Charco de la Laja without taking a stroll along the seafront to the beautiful village San Juan de la Rambla. At the end of a day swimming, take a visit to the local tavernas to indulge in some superb Canarian cuisine.

Our Blue Sea Interpalace and Blue Sea Puerto resorts sit 20 minutes away from this little slice of paradise.

 Charco del Viento

Charco del viento, natural pool in TenerifeA well-known holiday tip is to go where the locals go, and the Charco del Viento natural pools in La Guancha are a local favourite.

With crystal clear waters, the 4 natural pools are a snorkeler’s dream, while those who like to keep their head above water can enjoy magnificent views of Mount Teide. With some excellent sunbathing spots, each pool is unique, with different currents and depths to suit swimmers of all abilities. Yet again, following the locals is a sure-fire winner.

Our Blue Sea Costa Jardín & Spa and Blue Sea Interpalace resorts are a short 25 minute drive away.

Charco del Cumplido

Charco del Cumplido beachfrontAptly named “The Generous Pool”, Charco del Cumplido offers a stunning stretch of water along the coast of La Caleta de Interian. The calm waters and its 2 metre depth make this natural pool perfect for families.

Blessed with a charming promenade and alluring pebbled beach, Charco del Cumplido remains under the tourist radar and is an excellent choice for those wishing to avoid the crowds.

For couples or parents looking for some alone time, the natural pool is best enjoyed as part of a day of relaxation. Combine refreshing dips in the Atlantic with a tour of the famous La Caleta salt lakes and, if you’re really looking to indulge, nothing beats a trip to one of the area’s luxurious salt lake spas.

If we’ve kickstarted a craving for Tenerife’s natural pools, make sure you take a look at one of our Tenerife hotels – with 5 to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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