Lanzarote o Tenerife

A holiday helping hand: Lanzarote or Tenerife?

Picking the perfect holiday destination should be easy. You want wonderful weather, culture, and either a slice of excitement or a bit of peace and quiet. While you can find all four across all corners of the world, there’s an eclectic collection of islands off the coast of northwestern Africa that does it as good as the rest. Enter our Canary Islands.

Well-loved for brilliant weather, each isle provides a beautiful backdrop for a stunning sunshine holiday, but there are two that forever fight it out for number one. Both Tenerife and Lanzarote will give you that picture perfect holiday. Both offer a similar experience, with its own signature twist thrown in. But which will it be – Lanzarote or Tenerife?

With this charming Spanish duo, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. So let us talk you through the two and help you to decide.


First up: Lanzarote

Beach in Lanzarote, beach huts line the sand

Lanzarote’s laidback lifestyle

Life in Lanzarote is a dream. And when you’ve got a travel party with their own preferences, that’s music to your ears. Holidaying as a family will always require a pick and mix of activities, which is exactly what the Lanzarote lifestyle offers. Boasting beaches and watersports, authentic Canarian eateries, and exciting attractions, even the smallest of holiday-goers can get on board.

Fly in to Arrecife airport. You’ve then got two key resorts to explore. First, you’ll find Costa Teguise. Just 10km up the coast, this vibrant family-friendly town is a treat during the day and thrilling come nightfall.

Or, just ten minutes from Arrecife in the opposite direction, you’ll find Puerto del Carmen. Infamous for its buzzing nightlife and striking sandy beaches, couples and families alike can fall into place with the Lanzarote pace of life.


Stunning beach in Lanzarote

Beautiful beaches for lazy days

When you’re heading on holiday, you want to know you’ll have the idyllic beach life down, don’t you? In Lanzarote, you’ll find the laidback lifestyle is infectious. And it all begins at the beach. While the weather is never really an issue (you’ll even find it mild during the winter months), you’re going to want to find a beachfront spot to become your base for the break.

In Puerto del Carmen, you’ve a wealth of options. The Playa Grande is a firm favourite. Lifeguards, showers, and lounging rentals are as standard, and a boating trip is always on the cards if there’s a good breeze. If waves are your thing, pop on over to Los Pocillos to catch a couple.

Alternatively, Costa Teguise’s Playa Cucharas is postcard-perfect, with a wide spread of golden sand. Its calm waters are perfect for young families, and you’ll find facilities at your fingertips. For something a little different, the Playa Jablillo is a warm water wonder that looks just as pretty too.


Rugged Lanzarote landscape

Great things to do in Lanzarote

Families always fall head over heels for the Aquapark Costa Teguise. Think traditional water park, but with paintballing, go-karting, and zip wires on the side. And for a real insight into Canarian life, time your visit for the Carnival in Puerto del Carmen. Expect three days of music and celebrations, floats and fancy dress fun.

If the allure of Lanzarote is appealing to you, seek out a great central base and try out our Hotel Costa Bastian.


Second up: Tenerife

Rocky Tenerife coastline, red roofed houses, from above

Take a taste of Tenerife

As the largest of all seven Islands, Tenerife is also often the most popular. It offers a slice of something different, because it’s not your usual white sandy beachfront kind of place. Tenerife is largely volcanic and comes with incredible craggy landscapes that just cry out to be explored. Teamed with traditional beaches and a charming social scene, Tenerife is a big contender for couples, and a favourite among families.

Resort-wise, choose from three vivacious areas of the island. On the north coast, Puerto de la Cruz is bursting with classic Spanish culture but still knows how to have a good time. Puerto de la Cruz is all about the black-sand beach. Further down the coast we come to the village-like resort of Puerto de Santiago; the calmer charmer of the bunch. And finally, there’s Costa Adeje, with its blue flag beaches and traditional tapas bars bursting with energy.


Tenerife white sand beach

Black sand, or white sand?

Touch down on Tenerife and you’re met with two types of beaches; the black and the blonde. For the blonde, you’ll find the cream of the crop at El Duque, on the west of the island. Picture-perfect and pretty, it’s a sandy secluded spot worth seeing. And for the most breathtaking of black beaches, head over to Los Gigantes. Here, the dark landscape juxtaposed with the tranquil turquoise seas is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

And when it comes to the weather, you’re pretty much blessed all around. The summer season sports heat in the high twenties, but the start and end of the season might be a little more manageable for tinier travellers.


Tenerife's ancient tree

Calm culture

When it comes to activities on Tenerife, you should really explore, because this island was made to be seen on foot. Tenerife’s El Teide National Park, in particular, provides first-class views from Spain’s tallest peak.

But the best of Tenerife is always found off the beaten track. With local tapas bars and lovely little shops, La Laguna is as charming as they come. And the fishing village La Caleta should be your go-to for fresh as can be seafood.

And for the most captivating of carnivals this side of Rio, plan your trip in February for the Carnaval Santa Cruz. Parades and entertainment are intertwined with live music and eclectic activities to provide you with a real Tenerifian treat.

Tempted by the sound of Tenerife? Bag yourself a comfortable base at our Puerto Resort, in Puerto de la Cruz before you head off and explore.


Now that you’ve gotten to know the best of both, which will it be? Choosing between Lanzarote and Tenerife will always be a toughie, but go with the one that wakes up the wanderlust in you. We’ve got four hotels in Lanzarote, and five in Tenerife, so you can always save your second choice for next year.

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