Un lugar mágico

The balcony to the Mediterranean, Benidorm. A magic spot.

Known as well as The gazer of Benidorm or The gazer of the castle, placed at the end of the Plaza Castelar and in front of the Santa Ana’s church we can find this corner a bit separated from the vibrant Benidorm.

Its name is no lie, as we are literally talking about a pentagon shaped peninsula with a baranda, which has as its own beauty its grey grounds and a huge 5 lighted streetlight, and borrows the magnificent and imposing views the Mediterranean Sea offers.

From the spot we can see the Island of Benidorm, of approximately 65.000 sqm, which can be accessed by boat from the port. This island has a great environmental and biological value, and you can find a restaurant there. It also has a very romantic history, don’t you know about it? Don’t worry, you can find the story in this other post.


If, by chance, you dare to look back and leave such view behind, you will be able to see the coast of Benidorm, with its sandy beaches, tall buildings and the Puig Campana (Mount Bell). Summarizing, the place must be seen, and it is indeed visited daily by thousands of tourists.

As you might know already, Benidorm is the home of one of our hotels, the Blue Sea Calas Marina 3*.  The hotel is situated 40 minutes by foot away from the spot. Even though it is not a close walk (yes, we know) we highly recommend the place, and the promenade is quite nice. Also, good point, the streets behind the Balcony to the Mediterranean are very lively and ful of bars and restaurants. You can enjoy the typical Spanish tapas and pintxos along with a glass of wine or a beer. The most renamed streets to do so are the known as, quite ironically, Calle del hambre (The hunger street) or the Calle de los vascos (street of the basque).  The Calle de los vascos is actually called Paseo de la Carretera, and it also has a 3rd name, although we are not telling you, you will for sure find out what it is and its meaning.

Once you had your refreshment, or had a proper meal, you can slowly come back to the hotel, and once you are there relax by the pool. Sounds good doesn’t it?

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